Dr. Linda Leon, Board-Certified
Periodontal Care of Monroe, NY

PiPeriodontal Cari. Linda LeonDr. DDr. Linda Leon,
r. Linda Leon, Board-Certified
138 Stage Rd., Monroe, NY  10950
Phone: (845) 783-4490
How to reach us

                                                                            We look forward to meeting you!


                          CONTACT INFORMATION

                     Our office hours are as follows:
                        Monday   9:45 am-7:30 pm
                        Tuesday  9:45 am-7:30 pm
                        Thursday 9:45 am-7:30 
                        Friday      9:45 am-6 pm  

                                Our address is:
                                 138 Stage Rd.
                              Monroe, NY  10950

                          Phone: (845) 783-4490
                          Fax:     (845) 782-7030
                   Website: www.DrLindaLeon.com
                   E-Mail: DrLindaLeon@yahoo.com

        When you are ready to make an appointment,
                        please call (845) 783-4490
                           for prompt assistance.      



     Dr. Leon, Board-Certified Periodontist, Monroe, NY 
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