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What are your financial policies?
     We do our best to work with each patient to help achieve your optimal periodontal health.  Periodontal treatment is an important investment in your future - a healthier mouth will allow you to eat well, feel good, and have a nice smile.  It will save you money in the long run by helping you keep your own teeth.  It may also help to prevent or better control systemic diseases, such as diabetes and heart problems. 

     We currently participate with the following insurance companies.

     Participation with an insurance company means that the insurance company dictates what our fees will be.  One thing to keep in mind is that, in most cases, seeing a participating provider does not mean that the insurance will pay for all of your treatment.  
     Three issues to consider are the deductible, co-payment, and annual maximum.  In addition, each group or employer has signed a contract with the insurance company - unfortunately, they may have different rules for each contract.
           *In most cases, you have a deductible, which is the amount you must pay before the insurance starts paying. 
                This is generally $50-100, but depends on your insurance contract. 
           *There is also a co-payment,  which is usually a percentage of the fee.  According to your insurance contract, the 
                 patient is legally obligated to pay the co-payment.   It cannot be waived.   
           *Annual maximum is the maximum dollar amount that your insurance will pay out in a year.  It is important
                 for you to understand that the insurance company includes payments to your dentist + our office in the
                 annual maximum.   You do not get a separate annual maximum for each office. 
                 In some instances, your treatment will cost more than the insurance will cover that year.  You can either spread
                 the treatment out over an additional year, or pay the non-covered balance yourself.  
           *We are legally obligated to collect deductibles and co-payments (if applicable).   If your insurance has reached it's
                 annual maximum, and you still have a balance, the insurance company rules say we must collect that balance.  

     Even if your insurance company isn't listed here as one of the companies we participate with, call us.  After the initial examination, we are happy to send a pre-treatment estimate to your insurance company.  After several weeks, they will write back and let us know what your insurance benefits are.  In many cases, the insurance will cover a large percentage of our fees, even if we don't participate with them.  Then, we can work with you if you need to establish a payment plan. 

     Please be sure to bring your insurance cards with you on the first visit.  If your spouse is the insured, make sure you know his/her birthdate and social security number or identification number.

     Some of our patients don't have insurance, or have poor insurance.  We are happy to work with you to set up a financial arrangement.  Julie, our Financial Coordinator, is very experienced at this and more than happy to help. 

     Let us work with you to help you keep your teeth for a lifetime!
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