Dr. Linda Leon, Board-Certified
Periodontal Care of Monroe, NY

PiPeriodontal Cari. Linda LeonDr. DDr. Linda Leon,
r. Linda Leon, Board-Certified
138 Stage Rd., Monroe, NY  10950
Phone: (845) 783-4490
Meet Dr. Linda Leon

     Dr. Linda Leon is a Board-Certified Periodontist, who has been in practice in Monroe for 20 years.  She works full-time in only one office, so she is readily available to help you.  

     The Monroe-Woodbury School system gave her an excellent start.  She graduated in 1974, near the very top of her class.  

     Dr. Leon then attended Syracuse University.  After just 3 years of college, she was accepted to Fairleigh Dickinson Dental School.  She graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson Dental School in 1981.  This was followed by a General Practice Residency at Waterbury Hospital in Connecticut, further improving her skills while treating the less-fortunate.  

     After working as a general dentist for a few years, Dr. Leon returned to school to specialize.  She chose Periodontics because it is literally the "foundation" of dentistry.  She attended New Jersey Dental School and completed the Post-Graduate Specialty Program in Periodontics in 1985.  

     Dr. Leon became Board-Certified in 1989.  (otherwise known as being a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontics).  This is a long and difficult process, involving written and oral testing by world-famous Periodontists.   Currently, less than 50% of Periodontists have gone the extra steps to become Board-Certified, so she is very proud of this accomplishment.  
Memberships and Career Highlights:
  *American Dental Association
  *American Academy of Periodontology
  *American Board of Periodontology
  *New York State Dental Association
  *Ninth District Dental Association (local governing
       board of 5 counties of dentists):
       Dr.Leon served as one of two Orange County
       Board of Governors at the Ninth District Dental
       Association from 2000-2005.  She continues to 
       be an active participant in Board of Governors 
  *Current President of the Orange County Dental
       Society.  Dr. Leon was very instrumental in
       creating the Society.  This group gives Orange 
       County dentists input into the Ninth District
       Dental Society.  She also keeps Orange County
       dentists informed on issues and educational
       meetings of interest. 
  *Frequent contributor of articles to the Ninth District
       Dental Association Bulletin.  
  *Past President and current member of the
       Newburgh Dental Society
  *Hambletonian Dental Society
  *Southern Orange Dental Society
  *Instructor at the Castle Point VA Medical Center 
       in the General Dentistry Residency Program
       since 1996.  At the VA, Dr. Leon teaches new
       dentists about Periodontics and helps treat
       our veterans.
  *Published an article in the Journal of Periodontology
       (one of the major research Journals of the
       periodontal profession) comparing different
       Nonsurgical treatments of periodontal disease.
  *Presented her research on different nonsurgical
       treatments of periodontal disease at the
       International Association of Dental Research
   *Phi Beta Kappa (a college honors society)
   *National Honors Society
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