Dr. Linda Leon, Board-Certified
Periodontal Care of Monroe, NY

PiPeriodontal Cari. Linda LeonDr. DDr. Linda Leon,
r. Linda Leon, Board-Certified
138 Stage Rd., Monroe, NY  10950
Phone: (845) 783-4490
Come meet our staff
We are delighted to introduce you to our wonderful staff.  They bring a combination of experience, excitement about the dental field, and a variety of backgrounds to our office.  All of them are highly trained, exceedingly friendly, and excellent at what they
do.  We all work together as a team to make your visits pleasant, educational, and even fun. 

This is Julie, our Receptionist                       Meet Theresa, one of our dental                 Say hello to Lori, our Dental Assistant,
and Financial Coordinator.                           hygienists.  Theresa has been                    fix-it person, and chief Hand Holder.
She has been working with                           working with Dr. Leon for more than            Lori has worked with Dr. Leon for more
Dr. Leon for 8 years, and has                       19 years.  She has worked as a                  than 16 years.  Her nickname is
more than 25 years experience                    hygienist for more than 30 years.               "Dr. Leon's right-hand woman"!
in the dental field.  She is a                         Theresa has "hands of gold" and                As a mother of 2 children, Lori is
master at dealing with insurance                   will work with you to help you                      terrific with children.  Her #1 job 
companies and working out                          keep your teeth for a lifetime.                    is to make you feel comfortable and 
payment plans.                                                                                                         at ease. 

This is Ann, another of our                                   Meet Jeannette.  She has been a dental hygienist
terrific hygienists.  Ann has been working               for more than 10 years.  Jeannette has worked
with Dr. Leon for more than 10 years.                    with Dr. Leon for more than 7 years.   
Ann has more than 30 years experience                Although Dr. Leon can get by with basic Spanish, Jeannette
as a hygienist.  Gentle and compassionate             is fluent in Spanish and English.  In any language, you
are good words to describe Anne's manner with       will enjoy the thorough and pleasant treatment she performs.

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