We'd like you to feel comfortable with our office before you even walk in the door.  We are happy to take this opportunity to tell you some key features of our practice, and what sets us apart.   Dr. Leon has been a Periodontist in Orange County, NY, for 27 years.  She grew up here, attending  Monroe-Woodbury schools, and is proud to come from Orange County.

Health and Safety
    -We want to take this opportunity to assure you that your health and safety are of utmost importance to us.  We use 2 sterilizers and the best disinfectants to make sure we have a safe, clean office.  Our own family is treated here, and we always use the exact same sterilization techniques, for our own family and for you.    
    -We use special x-ray film, which utilizes at least 50% less radiation than regular x-ray film.  Of course, we use lead aprons with cervical (neck) collars to minimize the amount of radiation you receive.    
    -Dr. Leon also uses special telescoping glasses which magnify your teeth and gums, so she can be very thorough.

Patient Comfort
    -Your comfort in our office is extremely important to us.  We have several types of local anesthetics for a painless experience.  We always start by painting your gums with a special numbing gel which makes getting numb much easier.  
    -We have nitrous oxide (laughing gas) to help ease anxiety, if needed.
    -We encourage you to bring in a Walkman or I-Pod if you like to listen to your own special music.

    -Communication is very important.  Dr. Leon always takes the time to explain what your problem is (in easy-to-understand terms) and how to treat it.  If your spouse or a friend accompany you, she is happy to explain the situation to both of you (with your consent, of course).  She also uses models (and a mirror if needed) to help you understand your periodontal needs.  
    -After your initial examination, Dr. Leon sends a report (and copies of x-rays if taken) to your general dentist.  Also, after each phase of treatment, Dr. Leon communicates with your general dentist.  Dr. Leon and your dentist will work together as a team to achieve your optimal dental health.  

Early Diagnosis and Treatment
    -Early diagnosis and treatment are important.  The earlier your periodontal problems are detected, the simpler and more conservative the treatment will be.  
    -If you notice bleeding gums or bad breath, you can call us directly.  A referral from your general dentist is not necessary.  However, it is important that we work together with your general dentist in a team approach.

    -Dr. Leon is wonderful with children.  Although we are not Pediatric dentists (specializing in taking care of children's dental needs), sometimes children have gum problems which need Dr. Leon's  special help.  

   -For example, during orthodontic treatment (braces), the gums can get swollen and puffy.   This makes cleaning the teeth more difficult.  Children may become more self-conscious about their appearance.  Our treatment will reshape the gum tissue, allowing your child to clean better.  Once their mouth looks better, they'll feel better about showing off their smile. Sometimes the children give her a big hug after they see how easy the procedure was with Dr. Leon and her caring staff.  

     In the rare event that you have an emergency, we will make every effort to see you the same day.  Dr. Leon can see you during her lunch hour, during an opening in the schedule, or at the end of the day.  Surgery patients are given her home and cell phone numbers, just in case they have a question when the office is closed.

Second Opinons
   We are pleased to offer second opinions.  Have you been told you need a lot of surgery or laser surgery?  Why not get a second opinion from a Board-Certified Periodontal specialist?  In many cases, we may recommend a more conservative approach.  



    Monday:           9:45 am - 7:30 pm

    Tuesday:           9:45 am - 7:30 pm

    Wednesday:    Closed

    Thursday:         9:45 am - 5 pm

    Friday:               9:45 am - 6 pm


    Dr. Linda Leon

    138 Stage Rd. 

    Monroe, NY 10950

PHONE: (845) 783-4490

FAX:       (845) 782-7030



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Dr. Linda Leon

138 Stage Road, Monroe, NY 10950

PHONE: (845) 783-4490